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We offer yoga classes for every level, whether you've been practicing for years or have never moved into downward dog.

Holistic Services

We offer a variety of holistic services including but not limited to massage, acupuncture, bodywork, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, as well as workshops with experts like naturopaths, herbalists, and ayurveda practitioners.


We are proud to serve Bellevue, this wonderful neighborhood, and welcome all people to this space—the place to find your True North in the Northside of Richmond.

True North Yoga and Wellness

True North serves the Richmond community. As the name suggests, we have classes for people to reconnect with themselves and their community amid busy schedules and competing priorities that can sometimes steer us off course.


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True North exists to serve the community, so we want to hear feedback from you! What services would you like to see? How can we better support the community and our clients? If you've got ideas, let us know.

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Drop us a line or email us. We’d love to talk with you!

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