Love & Woes of Spring

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Love & Woes of Spring

What is it about this Spring? Is it the fact that we’ve been on a weather rollercoaster, thinking we see the light at the end of the tunnel only to find out the light (spring weather) is a lot farther away than we anticipated? I think (fingers crossed) we finally shook the cold and can enjoy warmer weather, flowering azaleas and green grass. Some, including me, look forward to this change in season; others struggle with their nemesis – the dreaded lawn clippings or yellow film over cars and what comes with it – allergies.

Although there are synthetic over the counter drugs to help alleviate blurry vision, a foggy mind and/or a stuffy nose, there are some natural remedies to keep in mind that may be readily available in your household so you can skip the trip to CVS. Here are some suggestions:

Drink More (we’re not talking about Dots Back or Northside Grille kind of drinks). Drinking nonalcoholic liquids can thin your mucus in your nasal passage making it easier to breath.

Steam It Out. Steam breaks up the mucus and can moisten dry nasal passages. With soup, hot water or tea, put a towel over your head and breath in the steam to get some relief. A shower is also a great steam producer – add a few drops of eucalyptus oil since some research shows this essential oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Eat Curry. Turmeric is a common spice used in curry and Indian dishes, which contains curcumin. Curcumin acts as a decongestant and may reduce allergy symptoms. Add some spice as well which can act as a decongestant. Not much of a cook? You can always put turmeric and cayenne pepper into hot tea.

What’s Butterbur? Although this likely wouldn’t be in your pantry, butterbur is probably the most promising plant extract to help reduce airway inflammation. Some Swiss research has shown butterbur extract called Ze 339 possibly works as well as antihistamine medicines without the accompanying drowsiness.

Want to go all natural and none of the above are working? Acupuncture may be the answer. In research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, allergy sufferers who received 12 acupuncture sessions had more symptom relief and took less antihistamine medication than those who did not get the treatment. Hopefully you won’t need to use any of these remedies, but if you have a flare-up, you’re well-equipped!


Aliza Sterling

Influenced by teachers, peers, students, 200YTT in Integral Yoga in Rishikesh, India, and other travels, Aliza creates a supportive environment with a focus on individual empowerment in the classroom. She started True North Yoga and Wellness with the desire to bring the Northside community together.

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