Wellness during Woes

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Wellness during Woes

With National Wellness Month upon us which focuses on self-care and managing stress, it makes sense this is a good time to talk about healthy habits. If I was to say I am the beacon of this right now, I’d be lying. When the candy after Easter went on sale at our local CVS, I unloaded a full armful on the register counter for check-out, may have had a few double stuffed E.L. Fudge cookies yesterday, and a custard filled Latin American pastry before breakfast this morning. Early on when everything shutdown we were walking the dog and saw one of our True North Yoga & Wellness students. I asked how he was doing. His answer? “Well I’ve eaten all the carbs in the house.” So, at least I’m not alone. As COVID-19 continues to seep into everything we do, there are a lot of questions about mental health for kids, the elderly, and everyone in between.

Even though I’ve made it a routine to spend 2 hours a day outside – walking, running, doing yoga and the like, and get up the same time every day, between Covid, the lack of social interaction, the struggle as a small business owner, and the systemic racism in our country that the BLM movement brought to life in my protected white bubble, as you can imagine, I am in a bit of a funk, and I can’t even talk –– I haven’t been oppressed, had a loved one impacted by Covid, live alone, and don’t have children at home!

So, it may not be for everyone and your goals may be different, but this is how I am planning to make additional adjustments in my life during National Wellness Month:


Educate Myself. I am angry with myself about not noticing the systemic racism in our country and my place in it. Everyone is different in how they understand and/or support a movement, but I’m working on educating myself. After watching the documentary The Thirteenth, I’m currently reading White Fragility, and then will be reading White Guilt. I want to understand what I missed in my 37-year-old bubble from both the liberal and conservative angles.

Unhealthy Food Rewards. When I can’t see people, go places, be physically in the yoga community, I’ll give you one guess to what I look forward to and understand why some no longer have carbs in their house. The second breakfast at 10 am, the before lunch snack of white chocolate mini Cadbury eggs (surprisingly good), the 3 pm ice cream break… Ok, you get the idea. I am going to stop this slippery slope of sugar and carb overload by limiting snacks to healthy things like carrots and yogurt.

Start a Project. Even though my chickens are boring holes in my yard, my yard has never looked better! Between hitting up Azalea Garden Center for mulch and flowers and getting some alley finds, my yard is slowing getting there. It is a long-term project, but I am enjoying it –– hummingbird and bird feeders were added to the mix just yesterday! Again, it is not there yet, but I’m enjoying and will continue to enjoy the time outside and creating my urban respite. Making homemade cards is my next feat.

Making Time for Myself. I am great at regularly running or going to yoga, but there is not an everyday time to just take a break, from life. This month, I am going to find 30 minutes every morning to do yoga or meditate to start my day, check in with myself, and see how the subconscious me is doing. Maybe yoga and meditation aren’t your thing, but find something that works for you – journaling, going for a walk, painting, etc.


As we continue to feel the impact of COVID-19, I hope you find some time for your mental and physical well-being. Stay safe out there!


Aliza Sterling

Influenced by teachers, peers, students, 200YTT in Integral Yoga in Rishikesh, India, and other travels, Aliza creates a supportive environment with a focus on individual empowerment in the classroom. She started True North Yoga and Wellness with the desire to bring the Northside community together.

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